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What's New in CBS AP 14

CBS AP 14 is a totally new program. CBS AP 14 is designed to work on Windows XP (limited support) and newer operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. Printing may now be done on the AIA Documents or on Plain Paper using the new CSCI format. Invoices printed on the CSCI format (plain paper) may be exported to Crystal Reports (.rpt), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Excel Data Only (.xls), Microsoft Word (.doc) and Rich Text Format (.rtf), once exported the Invoice may be emailed to your clients. Full support is provided for Importing CBS32 Version 5, 6 and 7 data into CBS AP 14. No Import is required from Version 8 or 9, Just copy and paste your version 8 or 9 .mdb files from the version 8 or 9 directory to the version 14 directory. A rename feature has been implemented allowing Jobs to be renamed without re-creating the associated data or Invoice files. The Job Name has been expanded from 10 to 20 characters and old Jobs imported from Version 5, 6 and 7 databases may be renamed with 20 character names, after they are imported. Networking and Multi-user improvements have been implemented, allowing full user access to all data areas without conflicting with other users. One user is  provided initially and additional users may be added by increasing your user license. The normal network installation will be to install the program on individual workstations as needed and to have all of the workstations access the job data on one particular computer, normally the server. The normal single user installation will be to install the program on one computer or workstation and to access the job data on that computer or on the network server.

Installation Options:

Original license (1 user) can be used as a single user installation on one computer or the basis for a multi-user installation on a LAN (local area network). Users may be added to the LAN by increasing the number of users (Maximum of 4) on your original user license as desired as long as all users are accessing the same data area, normally on the server. Additional licenses will be required for any additional installations not covered by the original license.

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